Penile Massage Oil


It is herbal preparation that makes the strength to male organ and decrease hypersensitivity of male organ.

It increase energy, stamina and makes the male organ’s muscles stronger. It support overall penile health in males. It is an excellent massage oil to treat weakness of male organ.

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Penile Massage Oil 

For man prestige, the care of his male organs is very important & he takes it as one of his top priorities but when he looks around for the treatment of organ enhancement, the various kinds of treatments are available in the market. It can be harmful for his penile health too. To make you safe & sound Rahat Herbal Care pharmacy has invented a unique formula (Penile massage oil) to get man desired results which makes him happy. Penile massage oil is made with essential herbs & seeds and prepared in sesame oil which makes the organ veins healthy and powerful. 

PenileMassage Oil is a light and non-greasy which is easily absorbed in organ veins to make it stronger.  Penile Massage Oil can be recommended to improve erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation.  By massaging this oil can increase the play timing without any side effects. 

“Massage gently on organ shaft from bottom to upside & side by side too. (Leaving cap area) till the oil is absorbed in the skin”. 

Note: – For batter results use X-force massage oil along with other male pleasant capsules like 10 PM Capsule, Moj-x capsule & Men’s choice capsule. 


Aqarqarha(Anacyclus pyrethrum), Sonth(Zingiber officianile), Jauzbuwa(Myristica fragrans), Konch beej(Mucuna prurita), Qaranfal(Syzugium aromaticum), Kabab-e-khandan(Zanthoxylum alatum), Ajwayin(Trachyspermum ammi), Roghan badam(Prunus amygdalus), Roghan sarson(Brassica campestris), Roghan kunjad(Sesamum indicum), Water(Purified water).


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