Rahat Hearto Care capsule


Helpful in Maintain Blood Pressure, Control Lipid Profile And Keep the Heart Healthy

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Rahat heartocare Capsule 

Rahat Heartocare Capsule 

Due to drastic changes in our day-to-day lifestyle, hybrid dietary habits, mental pressure & no physical activeness, our heart is getting weaker day by day & the number of heart patients are increasing with that.  So, it’s time to give serious attention towards your Heart and you should do heart care with Unani system. Keep your heart healthy with Rahat Heartocare Capsule which is the product of Rahat Herbal Care Pharmacy. 


About The Heart 

  • Strongest muscle in our body 
  • Placed at the center of our lungs, slightly left. 
  • Plays the vital role in giving life to our body in always – ranging from the oxygen supply to the whole body to the proper functioning of our immune system so you must do the heart care with Rahat Heartocare Capsule. 

You can check the following Problems of your heart, hope it’s not with you 

 Blockage in blood vessels, Irregular heartbeat, Blood Pressure, congenital heart defects, weak heart muscles (cardiomyopathy), heart infections, heart valve problems and cardiovascular disease etc. 


Causes of Heart related problems 

Blood Pressure– the pressure put on the heart & its arteries and veins when it pumps the blood. If everything is normal, the heart pumps the blood & it will flow into vessels with normal pressure. 

Solutions with no consequences 

Rahat Herbal Care provides purely herbal treatments to cure any type of heart ailments which have no side effects. We use various precious herbs to maintain a healthy heart & to cure its different types of problems. 

DOSAGE: 1 or 2 Capsules with one glass of water per day after breakfast & dinner or as directed by your physician. 


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