(For male Unproductiveness)

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*Childlessness *Motile Sperm *Male Unproductiveness * Low Sperm Count.
It can help in maintaining the required hormonal imbalance level of male. It can
also improve loving desires in male.

Helpful In-Male Unproductiveness Remove Fatigue.

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Moj-X Capsules 

Childlessness– One can think of it as the minimum level of permanent childlessness that we can notice of the order of 2 percent in our society. Driven childlessness, or endogenous sterility, describes the situation of poor women whose fecundity has been affected by poor living conditions. People who are childless by their own circumstances. These people can be childless because they have not met a partner of their choice with whom they would like to have children, or they tried unsuccessfully to conceive at an advance maternal age because they suffer a lot from certain medical issues, such as endometriosis or poly cystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), that make it very difficult for them to conceive. Due to poor lifestyle and eating habits, the problems of unproductiveness in male are increasing by leaps and bounds. Unproductiveness can be a difficult problem to treat and interventions while sometimes effective but can be expensive too. So, it’s always a wise decision to go for any Ayush treatment to treat unproductiveness problem of male and that’s why in unani manufacturer of Ayush systems i.e., Rahat Herbal Care Pharmacy which has become a highly recommended medicine to help in curing unproductiveness in male. Moj-X capsule is a unique combination of extinct herbs which were used by our ancestors to maintain the good power in their bodies to increase their generation. Moj-X capsule maintains the required hormones level in male. In men Moj-X capsule can improve the quality and quantity of their semen so that healthy sperms can be generated in them so that they can easily help their partner to conceive. Moj-X capsule can also help male to remain desire firm & fit so that they can enjoy their married life with more happiness and joy.
Dosage: 2 Capsules twice a day or 2 caps together after dinner with a glass of milk / water or as directed by your physician along with the regular diet and exercise. Keep yourself hydrated.


Gokhru khurd(Tribulus terrestris), Maghz pista(Pistacia vera), Maghz akhrot(juglans regia), Maghz badam(Prunus amygdalus), Chilghoza(Pinus gerardiana), Kalongi(Nigella sativa), Darchini(cinnamomum zeyanicum), Bisbasa(Myristica fragrans), Jauzbua(Myristica fragrans), Shazaj hindi(cinnamomum tamala), Tukhme piyaz(Alliumcepa), Nakchikni(Centipeda minima), Mastagi(Pistacia lentiscus), Asgand(Withania somnifera), Kusum(Carthamus tinctorius), Musli safaid(Chlorophytum arundinaceu), Singhara khushk(Trapa bispinosa), Salab punjna(Orchis latifolia), Aqarqarha(Anacyclus pyrethrum), Satawar(Asparagus racemosus), Jamun magz


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