10PM Capsule – (For Man)


10 Capsules (Free Shipping In India Only

*Low Libido* less Timing *Less Blood Flow

It can help in male impotency & can also boost stamina. It can help you to get an improvement in vigor & vitality.

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10 pm Capsule

We evolve appropriate, methodology systems and procedures in manufacturing herbal medicines. We use raw materials in medicines which are authentic of prescribed quality and are free from any contamination.

10 PM CAPSULE can be helpful answer for all kinds of man wellness. 10 PM CAPSULE is made of a unique combination of extinct herbs which are naturally aphrodisiac. 10 PM CAPSULE maintains the essential level of testosterone hormones in the body and helps the blood circulation in male organ during the intercourse. It also helps the testes to produce more fresh thick semen and thus helps you to avoid premature ejaculation. 10 PM CAPSULE is the most genuine product on the market today which can help your successful treatment of all problems without any side effect.

Dosage: 1 or 2 Capsule with milk or water after 2 hours of dinner or as directed by your physician along with the regular diet and exercise. Keep yourself hydrated.


Halim (Lepidium sativum), Tukhme kahu (Lactuca sativa), Sad kufi ( Cyprus rotundus ), Singhara (Trapa bispinosa ), Ghokhru khurd (Tribulus terrestris), Ushba maghrabi (Smilax aristolochaefolia ), Behman surkh(Salvia heamatodes), Gulab(Rosa damascena), Asgand nagori(Withania somnifera), Musli safaid(Chlorophytum arundinaceum), Musli siah(Curculigo orchioides), Salab misri(Orchis latifolia), Shaqaqul misri(Pastinaca sativa), Konch(Mucuna pruriens), Piyaz(Allium cepa), Aqarqarha(Anacyclus pyrethrum), Shalgham(Brassica rapa), Malkangni(Celastrus paniculatus).


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